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Server Rules
1. Don't Hack will be ban.
2. Don't chat with Hackers-Cheaters and " /report " them.
3. Do not Spam in chat will be Automatically Kick by our system.
4. Do not spam a command wil be admin kick you.
5. Do not swear Players or Admin will be Kick-Ban.
6. Respect Players and Admins IN-Game.
7. Do not post shits in this forum will your acount DisaBle or ban.
8. Don't ask for Admin In-Forum-Game will be Ban.
9. Don't Duble post in forum will be delete your post and get your points at (-).
10. Do not Advertise in Forum or in server because your account will be Banned 4EVER.
Our FilterScripts
- Count-Down System

- Neon System    

- LuxAdmin System

- Fix/Repair Vehicle 

- SpeedBoost

You can contact us with email :
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